BR0061 – The Social Anxiety Solution

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Here we have easy and simple conversation turned into the heat of sexual conversation.

In this episode we are talking about what we do best at TSL & VA, that is getting sexual in conversation.  And to be honest, it is how we do it in the most normal way possible.  Take your notes and allow yourself to really absorb this stuff, if you want to know more checkout some of the other episodes we have done on this topic – My favorites

BANGRADIO Ep 0005 – How to Feel a Woman’s Tits in 5mins (Believe me this gets Sexual Through Dialog!)

BANG RADIO Ep 0011 – First Date Strip Club

Listen to BANG RADIO and this is what you’re going to learn to do!

Here is today’s Give Away! –

Like always we have a special PDF download for you.  It is 100% FREE, just click the nice Yellow Button to get it emailed directly to you.  This PDF is a TSL Quick Guide to Killing the Friend Zone.   This Quick Guide is an Awesome One!  Something literally every man needs to know.  How to show intent, escalate and be an empowered man with his sexual urge.

Steve Mayeda

Steve MayedaBR0061 – The Social Anxiety Solution

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