BR0088 – Older Men & Younger Women PART 1

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There are a few things to this episode, but it starts off with the idea of an old customer of mine who is married, has a family.  They are in a marriage that isn’t that fulfilling and he wanted to know about talking to younger women.   What we cover in this episode is a TON.

  • How a man in his 40’s can talk to a woman in her 20’s
  • How we can speak with our dick
  • How to use your body language to get isolation
  • How we can talk about her body (in this case her breasts)
  • How to get into rapper with all of this
  • Breakdown of Rapport Cycling  for her body & sex drive (Check out VA Evolve)
  • How to not be a creepy old man
  • How to stimulate seduction by leveraging her choice
  • Sexual Objectification – Why it happens and how to make it not happen


It is a pretty chalk full of episode.  I hope you guys get a lot out of it.  But I know this can be tough and you might want to learn that much more…well we have attached a pretty amazing PDF Quick Guide for you to study this stuff and then LIVE it!


4 Step Escalation –

This will teach you how to do what we are talking about in Episode 88 & 89
How you can get into dialog with a woman in multiple settings and build seduction.  It is a very simple and to the point PDF that will make your life better. Click the button and get the download!
Then put it to use!!!!


Live the Sexual Life!!!!


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Steve MayedaBR0088 – Older Men & Younger Women PART 1

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