BR0090 – Direct Game For Guys That Want to Get Laid

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Today on BANG RADIO we are talking about when someone is cautious about going on a date with you, or really doesn’t know you…and how you can turn that ino an amazing advantage.  Also we have today’s download, which is amazing as well!

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Steve Mayeda

Steve MayedaBR0090 – Direct Game For Guys That Want to Get Laid

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  1. RV

    Ok so I have definitely done that whole going in really direct at the beginning and not knowing how to keep up that level of interaction. I have two girls in mind and I definitely feel like I offended them and that they now hate me without really knowing why, and it might have happened with more girls than that. So for people who want to try some direct game, how do you follow-up on that initial statement of intent/compliment? And also, how is this different from going up to someone and giving them a direct-ish compliment and then just walking off? I have done that as well and I the feeling I have from doing that is great and I am pretty sure it is the same for the girls. So why is not following up good, but following up poorly to the direct entrance different?

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