BR0092 – How to Talk to Strippers |PART 2

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If I were interested in hot young women, and just wanted to get laid…well I would focus on hired guns.  That is what this is about.  Be sure and download the PDF that breaks this all down.

  • Learn why Hired Guns are better then Runway Models
  • What you need to know about a venue to make your connection with a Hired Gun
  • How pick up is WRONG when it comes to hired guns
  • How to talk to a stripper
  • How to talk to a waitress
  • How to talk to a promo girl
  • How I won all my lay competitions.
  • Hot to meet, seducing and take home hired guns…pretty much.


This is a great article I wrote 5 years ago and is the backbone for our next TSL Quick Guide.  Check it out!


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Steve MayedaBR0092 – How to Talk to Strippers |PART 2

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