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BR0001: Getting Sexual with a ‘Joke’

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Dating women is not a super top secret method.  It has more to do with you expressing who you are and connecting it to them.

As always we are bringing you the best advice on How to Meet Women and Turn them ON!

Today on one of our TSL Online Calls we had a question – “I have a sense of humor, and I want my humor and jokes to translate into getting sexual with a woman.  How do I get her turned on while bringing up my sense of humor?”

Here’s how we answer it, and here is how we break it down!

Humor with Sexual Direction 

“Since you have a sense of humor, I think you will under stand this…you ready for it… You have…well, I am not sure if you’re ready for it…you have an amazing ass”

Here we are adding some bait and delivery to build some social lubrication to it (Listen to the Audio)

Now when she laughs you can break the tension –  “No really you don’t have a nice ass but I just wanted to see how you reacted when someone gives you a compliment.  You’re probably one of those people, that when you take a compliment you pull out the ‘feminist card’…”

Or just take an old school Mystery Method opener and turn it in a direction you want –  “Hey can you take a sincere compliment, you have a really nice ass”

Or Bait is with this –  “Hey can I say something…are you someone that if I said you’re attractive would it freak you out or make you nervous  or would you be able to just accept it?”

Then transition 

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Steve MayedaBR0001: Getting Sexual with a ‘Joke’

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