BR0002 : Speaking to a Woman’s Sexual Mind

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Meet Women and Have Great Sex – 

Our sex drives are the most natural expressions we have.  The faster we can bring the natural seduction out of people the better the world will be.  As a man need to express who you are sexually and learn that language.  Here is a quick breakdown of a technique we practice called Rapport Cycling and Emotional Seduction.

Ok here’s my breakdown of this audio –
Go ahead and listen to it and read this part as you go along. There is a lot being covered here, but you have got to try it and experience it. Try it step by step piece by piece. Line by line. In 5-10 interactions you can get it, and that is not so hard.

Of course if you really want to study it, there’s TSL Online Full Service and Virtual. That is where this call comes from TSL Online’s Full Service Program. We workshop this exact stuff with you.

Here’s What We Are Doing –
In Short –

  1. Asking a simple question she can answer
  2. Getting to a general topic about her that we can relate to – like “What she likes”
  3. Sharing how that relates to us while going deeper “Here’s what I like and how”
  4. How she relates to that at a deeper side of her, and how she has a relationship with that
  5. Her Sexual Mind
  6. This above list may not make sense right now, but listen to the audio and study it. Then try it, and it will all make sense, because it is the language of sex.

The Goal – Speak the Language of a Woman’s Sexual Mind. A Woman feels open to her sexual playground.

Mentality – Women and Men desire sex equally, they just escalate or get to the point of feeling sex in a different process. If we can learn the language, we can get to the same point of sexual arousal very quickly.

Identity is our Foundation – If we have explored ourselves we have the map for communication. Sex, and connection are about connecting not about what seems ‘cool’, or ‘high value’. This is why when you hear people talking about ‘high value’ or needing to approach to be ‘alpha’, because women like that…flush their material down the toilet.

First Example of how to talk to a unique deep part of a girl –
Dialog – Opener, or in the first 2 mins…it doesn’t matter folks. Just try bringing it up.
“Hey do you value confidence?”
“I value confidence but today I woke up and a few things went wrong in my life and it triggered me feeling like a failure. So what part of you has the confidence that lives deep within you? Like the sides that your mom or dad instilled in you?”

NOTE – The point of all this is not vulnerability or rapport, it is to speak to a general and deep part of her mind. Why? Because I want to talk to her not, some superficial façade. When we can speak to a deep side that everyone can accept and agree upon it is easy to transition to all sorts of different topics

Specifics vs Generalities – Many people think they can’t talk about specifics in their life. Like they might like MMA, Family and Movies and the woman they are talking a to like Career, Ambition and Twilight. We think we don’t sync up. If we can sync up on generalities first like – ‘What you love’, we can focus on that and transition to the specifics…just listen.

Physical Path of Seduction and Emotional Path. There are 3 paths of Seduction – Physical, Emotional and Mental. They all work, this is an emotional path. Emotional is fast and sticks very hard.

Intent is and the Exchange of Intent – “I like you, you like me” – is where seduction begins and social ends. #getoutofthefriendzone !!!!

Second Example of Unique Quality
“Do you have a sense of humor?”
(Yes, No, Maybe So)
“Well everyone has a sense of humor but in a specific way… like the sense of humor you have with your friends. Like they may not fully get at times, and you have to show a different side of yourself to different people in your life?”
(This just gets her to show a deep side of her real self)

Third Example to Elicit her Unique Quality
“Hey what is attractive to you?”
(Answers or is uncomfortable)
“Confidence…humor, everyone says that but what kind of confidence or humor? For instance when was the last time you looked at a guy and thought, ‘I really like this guy, but the way he carries himself is what is really attractive…whatever you’re thinking now, that is what you like…explain it to me, try if you can’t and I’ll understand it…”

This is syncing ‘what’s attractive’ that we feel. For instance we might like tits and ass, but it is our relationship to it that gives it value. See…you’re syncing the ‘attractive qualities’ not the particulars that she likes that you don’t relate with. Now you can relate with the generality and express the specific.

“I like asses. I have experienced a lot of women with great asses. I have been around a ton of naked women, seen a lot of great bodies, and great asses, but I have only experienced one that was absolutely beautiful. And after I had a relationship with her ass in every way I still loved it. But you said you like confidence, shoulders and presence and you experienced in it that way?”

Now I have taken the general idea of what is attractive, elicited her specifics, stated mine and gone deeper with that. Now we are talking to the deepest side of her and gotten sexual.

Double Stack the Qualifier
“When was the last time you examined his confidence and shoulders and all the things you like with so much detail? In fact let me ask you a better question, when was the last time you examined and totally admired someone’s dick…see you’re smiling…you know what I’m talking about. Women all love dick, but they love ‘their’ dick. So when was the last time you totally got to experience a man’s dick?”

We have gone from –
The Superficial (Confidence, Humor or Attractiveness) > How you experience that > How you have a relationship with that > How she has sex with that > How she likes dick

Seems complex but try it…it’s easy.

Once you open that side to her and like it, you can state intent. Your intent and exchange of intent needs to be based on who she is and how she connects. In the recording intent is expressed easily –

“Look you just talked about what you’re attracted to (doesn’t matter if everything she is attracted to has nothing to do with what you have) and I just saw the side of you that wakes up, dreams and goes to sleep at night and it was beautiful. I want to kiss you now. That is hot.”

If you’re not in a place you can kiss, go for the date!

Listen to it, do it and speak the language. 
Don’t be a KEYBOARD JOCKEY PUA! Go out and try it.

Sex is beautiful. Men and woman need to be having it…so have it!

The point here is to get into the meaningful part fo a woman’s mind and elicit sex. 

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