BR0004 – How to Pick Up Chicks in Parking Lots

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There is no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ in how you open.  How you open is whatever works so that you have a connection.  We can’t value the technique, we need to value the connection we have with her.  Remember, we want to have a conversation with her, we want to connect with her, we want to have sex with her.  We don’t want to have a relationship with a technique.  Direct, indirect, situation…whatever, get to the connection. 


We saw a beautiful girl in the grocery store and we had to talk to her, but now she is in the parking lot.  Why not approach her there?


(Coming from behind)

“Hey, I’m sorry I just had to talk to you….I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you…Now I am sounding totally stupid and embarrassing myself…” 

Break & Transition 

“My name is Steve, what’s your name?  I have a question for you if you have 2 mins…just hear me out for a second.”

Rapport Cycle

Question – 

“Hey are you from here, or are you from outside of Toronto?”


Ground – 

“Cool, awesome, then you will understand this.  People from the city are people that can be a little bit more to the point and a bit too focused at times.  People outside of the city are more carefree and tend to be really happy and warm.  But what I really wanted to ask was how that affects someone’s dating life and what they’re attracted to…”

Challenge – 

“You’re a really attractive person, and you probably get a lot of attention from men…but what does that attract for you?”

(She may be confused…so explain more)

Ground – 

“Well, let me tell you…I’m divorced (the client on the call was) and I have had many great relationships in my life.  But there are few relationships that I have had that lasted beyond the sex and superficiality.  Relationships where we connected with everything, our passions, bodies, minds and life rawly lasted longer than 4 months, 6 months of even 1 year.”  

Challenge – 

“What I want to know from you because you’re so attractive is when was the last time a guy, boyfriend, lover or friend connect with you where everything was expressed, where every part of you was felt by him and you didn’t need to try and be a woman, you were a woman?”

(She may be out of words, but every woman will get this.  She will also be intimidated, because it is a deep question, but I do this all the time.  Believe me, everyone (men and women) are dying to have meaningful conversations.  Your job is to get them comfortable with that).

In the Audio we cover how to ask these deep questions and do it in such a way that they don’t build too much tension about sex, or questions that seem too intimate.   The goal is that they are letting their real side (in this case, their real sexual side) to be open to interact with you.  They may not know how, but as long as they feel it…you’re good. 

Possibly another Rapport Cycle

Or Release it – 

“Man, I can’t believe we are having this conversation in a parking lot.  I get way too carried away with this stuff…”

Intent & Logistics – 

Important note here.  A good way to be in the friend zone is to not make intent clear.  It is what makes social turn sexual

“Look you’re obviously an amazing girl, and like I said you’re attractive, but you actually understand the stuff I’m talking about.  I want to experience that more, but not in a parking lot.  Let’s have a conversation in a place where you can be yourself and I can be myself.  Let’s exchange contact information and go from there.”

Some Notes to Think About the Influenced this Audio –

Female Mentality  Hot Woman Mentality – 

Women (especially attractive women) don’t want to be hit on poorly.  But every woman likes to be complimented and flirted with in a good way.  

Women that often get attention for their beauty, know they’re attractive.  It is great to approach them acknowledging this, but they rarely have men see the other sides of them that are attractive and beautiful. 

A Note on Meeting Hot Women – 

Let’s be clear, the more you have sex the more you will love hot women, but know that thesis not what makes sex good.  Good sex is dependent on ow comfortable that woman and you are with sex, and that person’s sex drive. 

However, as long as men and women have sex drives, hotness will be a factor.  Sadly hot women have a ton of options for sex and dating.  However, every hot woman that is single tells me how tough it is to date and meet good men.  They always tell me they only meet assholes, or for some reason some guy didn’t work out.  

Now let’s do some math…

If a girl has a ton of options and gets a ton of attention, yet all that attention doesn’t result in a good guy, there’s a huge window for you to communicate it.  Think about it, if you could get everything you wanted and had every opportunity, and you still couldn’t find success…well, what would you think?   I can guarantee in another audio we will talk about this stuff more, but just keep it in the back of your head for now, and follow what we say in the audio.  

In the Social Dynamics Structure we want to – 

  • Elicit that inner side
  • Show intent to that inner side
  • Arouse that inner side
  • Escalate /  Date, Seduction…whatever.

What we are ultimately asking on a date isn’t her looks, but her total self.  Looks, personality and the way she mixes the 2.  In fact that is the beauty of a woman, how she carries, expresses and shows her total self.  

In short – you as a man can absolutely love her tits, as long as you see them as her tits, not just some girl’s tits.  

Creeping a Girl Out – Just Explain yourself and Calm the Resistance 

When she doesn’t answer or you get bad feedback like she says, ‘Why are you asking me this?’   This doesn’t mean she is telling you, you’re a loser or a bad person.  If you walk away and leave, then she might.  This is why when you don’t get the most favorable feedback try one next step. In fact anyone who is good with women knows that in the first 2 mins of interacting with a woman he will get a ton of resistance and times she is confused by him or rejects him.  

When this happens you need to take it as an opportunity to clarify yourself more.  

The reason why this is being stated is because in the audio this is something we talk about.  If you’re going to be a man that ‘gets sexual’ you’re going to need to learn to do this.   It is actually a good thing, it means you’re escalating and just managing resistance. 

Ok Gents –
Go out there and USE THIS!

Apply it, and have some amazing sex with an amazing woman!  Define yourself as a man, by having a woman’s sex define you. 

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Be Social

Be Sexual 

Live Life

Steve Mayeda

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Steve MayedaBR0004 – How to Pick Up Chicks in Parking Lots

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