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Sex is Natural – DO IT!

There is a TON Wrong with the PUA Community, but there is nothing wrong with sex. 

Sex is Natural – Dishonesty is unnatural.  This is how the PUA Industry has made sex…screwed up. 

  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a dating life
  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a better sex life
  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to meet women

In fact you could say that is would be insane and even stupid to have the desire to better yourself without looking into how to have a better dating life, sex life and have better relationships.  

The center point of humanity is at connection, sex and socializing.  

As a dating and seduction coach for the past decade can tell you, there is plenty wrong with the industry.  And what makes it wrong is the dishonesty.  Sex in all its forms is great, but when it is not a communication it can never be fully expressed.  

When I say sex is always good I am saying ANY TYPE OF SEX.  As long as both of you (or a bunch of you) are all communicating and connecting it is all good!  Dating, fucking, hooking up, passion, love-making, intimacy…let your imagination run wild…is all good, so long as you are being yourself, connecting with someone else.  

Sadly most people teaching pick up, or giving dating advice have take the most natural thing – sex and connection and put it through a filter of rules and dishonesty just to have sex.  What a desperate culture we must be to have fed that beast of bullshit…

What being a human being is all about, is connecting, sharing and sometimes getting turned down and rejects.  

What being sexual is about, it being an expression of you and your sexual urge with someone else’s sexual urge.  No one can make those rules for you.  You make your own rules. 

Sex is beautiful.  It is beautiful because it is an expression.  That expression is based on you being you.  You have to know yourself, and be willing to express yourself in order fort hat to happen.   If you don’t focus on expressing who you are, you are taking sex and turing it into an expression of fear and insecurities that are connecting to someone else.  A gift turns into a dysfunction all because of fear.  

Rather than reading all this ranting…

Just listen to the audio and get something from it.  You can have a great sex life, without being full of shit. 

One way to do this is to get theBetter Man’s Guide to Dating & Lifestyle.  It will show you how to have a very sexual social dynamic and be yourself. 

The next is TSL Online – This is a 3 month submersion into learning how to be yourself, be seductive and live a great life.  Everyone who completes it, lives pretty awesome.  

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Be Social

Be Sexual 

Live Life


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Steve MayedaBR0006 – Sex! Do It!

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