BR0007 – How Born Again Christians Get Laid

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In this audio we go on a MAJOR RANT!  However we cover –

  • How you can be like a religious zealot and learn how to seduce
  • Exploring our true authentic identity is how we connect the best
  • How we customize ‘openers’ ‘rapport building’ and ‘sexually escalating’

As the guys on the call said…’Pure gold’

Honest Deep Human Connections are built off Identity – A true exploration of who you are.  At TSL (the Sexual Life) we build all our social dynamics based off ourselves.  The result is when we communicate with our authenticity our presence as a man is limitless.  That means, when you communicate and connect with yourself you will have an amazing life in all of your life. 

Here’s the Breakdown – 

Personality trait – Being a Happy and Angry Person

Opener – 

Go Religious Zealot!

“Hey I have a question for you, it has to do with moods…

(Insert Bait) Wait are you and open minded person…Forget it I can’t ask you this…”

(Push back)

“It has to do with somebody having one good thing and a negative thing that influence them.  Like people might have one good trait but they might also have a negative trait with that.”

Add Tease, just for fun…

We customize towards a topic we want – ‘Ideals’

PUSH = “Oh man, I am sorry I brought up something rude to you I probably shouldn’t say this…”

PULL = “Actually you seem like you would have an understanding of ideals so this might be a good questions…”

Qualifier (Rapport Cycle Begins)

“What’s the one thing you really want to do in your life? And if you’re like me, what part of you gets in the way of that?”

Double Stack the Qualifier – 

“Everybody in the world wants love.  Do you have love, are you in a relationships, married, single, boyfriend…”


Ground – 

“I think love is one of the greatest values, but somehow we always get in the way of it…”

Challenge – 

“What do you think gets in the way of your love?”

(Confused…well, explain)

Ground – 

“Look I don’t want to put too much pressure on you (buffer)…but I had a relationship where I had everything I could ever want in love.  It was amazing.  Yet it fell apart and if you asked both of us if we should be together we would both say ‘no’. “ 

Challenge – 

“If love can do that is that because we can’t do love?” 

Double Stack – 

“Let me ask you an easier question, when was the last time you were with someone and you felt that you were fully you and they could feel that?”

Ground – 

“Kind of like, and I’m not trying to be lewd here (buffer, because we are going to take it further), but when you’re making love with someone and she is feeling you and you are feeling her and you sync up.  Her noises are your noises and her motions are your motions.  The feeling unites us.  I feel that in sex, but…

Challenge – 

“When do you feel that when you’re just talking to someone.”

Intent – 

“Like I feel it with you right now, and why get in the way of that?”

There is a lot of complex stuff here, but the root is simple.

Do it!

It is not 100%

But if you learn how to connect with being you, you’ll see that a lot of people are made to connect, feel good, have sex and experience you.  

The Better Man’s Guide to Dating & Lifestyle will give you a quick and affordable way to learn this and a deep dive into it where you will workshop and learn all this stuff, TSL Online is the way to go.  This is where these audios are coming from.  ALL OF THEM!   Guys on the calls ask us questions and we give em’ answers. 

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Be Social

Be Sexual 

Live Life

Steve Mayeda

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Steve MayedaBR0007 – How Born Again Christians Get Laid

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