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BR0008 – You Are a Beautiful Sex Machine

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Many years ago I found the great joy and fulfillment when a woman worships your cock.  I made me feel a whole new level of sexual fulfillment.  The funny thing is, in this audio clip we start off with Jim, talking about the beauty of humanity.  Believe me it all ties in to that amazing sex act of genital adoration.  

Let’s start here –  

You are a Beautiful Sex Machine

We often forget how amazing the experience of being alive is.  As we talk about here, and like my buddy Skip once said in a late night Walmart run, “We are beautiful machines that get to experience life.”

Of all the things going on in our world, we have one amazing thing that we can control – our perspective and connection.  When you think about it, what do we really have control over. In our bodies there is so much going on without our say, yet it works.  The world around us is a constant orchestration of planets, gravity and earth’s elements that all play in tune.  We are a part off all of this, whether we act on that or not…

But we have one choice always.  The choice of perspective.  We can connect, make friends and make love.  This is why, you’re a ‘beautiful sex machine’.  

And guess what, when you finally realize this…you can experience love on the deepest level.  You’ll experience sex on the deepest level.  Women will devour you and you will devour them.  When that happens, you’ll know masculinity, you’ll know femininity and a new standard for the gift of experience.

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Steve MayedaBR0008 – You Are a Beautiful Sex Machine

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