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You Might Be Thinking This is Insane…after you read and listen, you’ll realize…you’re missing out!


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Yesterday we put up TRUE or FALSE – Women Love Dick!  We also included a Badass PDF Download the will show you how to go from Kiss to Close in some Instant Escalation (Get it here).   However, what happens if you can’t get that Kiss to start things off.  Well in today’s Episode we have a pretty cool story about how to get that sexual escalation started with a kiss – keep reading.  It would only be fitting to release a PDF on how to get an instant Kiss Close.  As long as you’ve build a connection, and ‘passable’ rapport and connection this works like a charm.  Click the Fancy Yellow Button and Get the Kiss document.

Now let’s get to this Episode’s moral teachings… There is a lot of dating advice out there, but let me tell you… If you want to get laid and have GREAT SEX on your first date, take her to a strip club. You might be thinking…

  • I don’t like Strip Clubs (Keep reading, you don’t have to)
  • I don’t date girls like that. (trust me this will work with 9 out of 10 women from all different perspectives, social classes and professions)
  • This is too crazy for me (No it is not, keep reading, and listening to the Audio…you’ll get it easy)

 Many moons ago my buddy Mitch told me he took all his first dates to a strip club.  Mitch was a Dr and an Engineer and 44.  He was no slouch but no spring chicken.  For you old school PUA fans he was ‘Shaft’ int the PUA scene.   I didn’t believe him at first, but then he would start bringing these girls to the strip clubs and showing them off to me.   It was fucking nuts.  These women would be fellow Drs, Lawyers, Nurses and Students at the local college.  It was a pretty solid routine.

  • Date Begins 
  • Dinner
  • Suggest the Strip Club – At dinner he said, “This might be kinda crazy, but what if we have a change of plans…I wanted to take you to the movies, but something you said made me want to bring this up.  Let’s go to a strip club.”
  • Talked them into it – It all depended on the woman.  She might have some resistance, but Mitch was a pretty smooth dude.  He’d usually talk them into it.  Not because it was objectifying, but because it would be fun, adventurous and something she may have never done.
  • Get to the Club – Once he got them to the club it was all over.  It was like the woman had entered a playground of sexual experimentation.  She had just met this guy and all of a sudden she could play so openly with women around him.   Once I saw him bring a girl (this girl was  nurse he had met in a book store earlier that day!) there are in 5 mins having her feeding dollar bills to girls and smashing her face in tits, then later a stripper, the date and him disappear into a corner booth and come out smelling like sweat and body fluid, I was convinced.   I needed to try it.

I figured if I tried it on the women that were more proper by society’s standards it would be easier, because those women might think it was fun and adventurous.  Most of the girls that had only been to a strip club once or twice, possibly never where always the most excited to go.  I never got as into it as Mitch, I basically went to the club with the girl.  Let her play and took her home.  It was seriously the easiest thing to do.

  • Meet up for Coffee
  • Qualify – Say, ‘I think you might be a little crazy, answer this question for me…what is the craziest thing you have ever done?’
  • Use Qualifier to Suggest Strip Club – They answer and I would say, ‘I think I need to change the plan.  What do you think if we did something crazy…let’s go to a strip club.’
  • Alleviate Resistance – There might be some resistance but take away the fears, ‘Look I’m not trying to make you feel objectified or anything, I just thought you would think it was cool and fun and hey, if we ever make it to a second and third date, it would be an awesome story. Let’s do it.’  (NOTE) If the girl was more on the ‘proper side’ of things 9 out of 10 of them will go.  Why, because it is a fun adventure…and that is how you need to present it.
  • Get to Strip Club  (Let Her Lead) – , I would say, “where should we sit?”  The reason why is, I want it to be her time to play.  That is how I want to lead, not by telling her what to do, but by presenting to her what to do.  That is important, empower the choice. Then I do the best other piece of Dating Advice known to man.  I just her to make another choice.
  • First Kiss Close – “Hey I like you and I think you like me, if we were to have a first kiss where would it be?”   She gets even more excited.  I tell her to take me where she is thinking, “Ok, you’re thinking of some place.  Let’s go there and see what happens.”   She leads the way.  Finds the spot, which is usually in some sort of VIP section.  It says a lot about her Identity.   Start making out, and then leave.
  • Pull – You have got to go to a place where you can close.  That is my place, her place or if you’re in a pinch a car.  Be creative.
  • Close – BANG!!!

Yesterday we put up “TRUE or FALSE – Women Love Dick!”  We also gave away a bonus in that post  about how to go from Kiss to Close.  Basically, if you can kiss a girl you can have sex with her.  Go to the post to get that download.  Today we have a special download on How to Get the First Kiss.   Get it here!


I would recommend, download the PDF and keep it in your phone.  For the 4 Step Arousal (Yesterday’s) and  today’s First Kiss Close and on your adventures pull them out on your phone.  Use them, and have some good sex!

If you really want to learn this stuff go to   Check out the Better Man’s Guide (it starts at $7), and if you really want to step it up TSL Online in Virtual and Full Service


Be Social

Be Sexual

Live Life


Steve Mayeda


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