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Treat a Lady Like a Lady and…

By Steve Mayeda

There are 2 pieces of advice that are true for any man or woman, when it comes to relationships – 

  1. Do what you love and the right people will come along
  2. Treat a Lady like a Lady and a Bitch like a Bitch

The second one get’s me a whole lot of criticism, mainly because I use the word ‘Bitch’.  But here’s what it means – 

Treat people how they deserve.  If you treat someone like a friend that is an enemy you’re going to end up in a whole lot of trouble.  It could be from man, or woman or even situation.  Change the word ‘Bitch’ out or ‘Asshole’ and it has the same meaning     However, when I first said this, it had to do with a woman. 

I was teaching in Austin and a client of mine was talking about a girl that was basically being a bitch to him.  They were dating and she would lie to him about sleeping with other guys and flake all the time, yet he kept going on about not being chauvinistic or a misogynist.   I told him, 

“Why are you treating her like a lady, when she doesn’t treat you like a man.  You go out of your way to respect her and she doesn’t do shit to respect you, in fact she disrespects you and you give her more respect.  I am all for treating women great, all people great.  But treat a lady like a lady and a bitch like a bitch.” 

Well I must say, my female teaching partner was offended by this.  She agreed with the PG version – ‘if someone is disrespecting you, there is no reason to give them your time.  Let alone build a relationship with them.’  However, she thought the ‘bitch’ part was out of line.  

Here’s the deal folks, 

And the real point at what I am getting at…STOP giving people respect they don’t deserve just because  you want someone to like you.   I for one hate the idea of ‘being a bad boy’ or having to have an ‘edge’ to consider yourself attractive.  I have always taken on the believe ‘Put out what you get out’ when it comes to being social and sexual.   Treat everyone with respect and kindness, but if someone steps on your toes, cut them out, and if they don’t leave then treat them how they deserve.  

If you treat an asshole, bitch, liar, cheat and so on like someone who isn’t those things you’re on adding fuel to a very dangerous fire.  

As men we need to learn the balance of standing up for ourselves and cultivating a good expression of ourselves.  It is always best to broadcast a beautiful message of connection, but if you don’t know how to not make that decision to cut out the cancer, that cancer will kill you.   Part of being a good man, that is good with women is knowing who you want to spend your time with and cutting the rest out.  

Treat and Lady like a Lady and a Bitch like a Bitch

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Steve MayedaBR0014 – Treat a Lady Like a Lady…

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