BR0015 – Killing the Friend Zone

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There are 2 things here – 

There are the things you can do to Never Be in the Friend Zone 


There are the things you can do to Get Yourself out fo the Friend Zone 

I’m going to tell you now the real solution is in the ‘Never be in the Friend Zone’.  The latter is ‘Damage Control’.

Like always we have a special PDF download for you.  It is 100% FREE, just click the nice Yellow Button to get it emailed directly to you.  This PDF is a TSL Quick Guide to Killing the Friend Zone.   This Quick Guide is an Awesome One!  Something literally every man needs to know.  How to show intent, escalate and be an empowered man with his sexual urge.

In today’s BANG RADIO Episode we are covering the friend zone.  This is one of the most frustrating things a guy can get caught it.  The crazy thing is it is super easy to avoid.  There are basically 3 things that make every interaction go form social to sexual.  They are

  • Isolation 
  • Intent 
  • Escalation

These are 3 things that you can do in any interaction, at any point of the interaction.  Of course, you will need some artistry here, but when you meet someone, are on a date or getting intimate you can always Isolate, Show Intent or Escalate.  If you don’t you’re disrespecting yourself and the sexuality of the woman you’re with. This is all much easier than you think, however it is all laid out really well in today’s FREE DOWNLOAD (click that Yellow Button). 

But let’s take a step back.  In the audio we are talking about how if you don’t have a social skill set you can get started on learning this stuff.   Let’s start with Intent!  Intent is literally the best thing you can get started with.


What is Intent?

Let’s start by taking the sex out of it – Intent is simply expressing what you want.  Being able to express what you want is a life skill.  If you’re not good at expressing it in your everyday life, chances are you’re not good at it with women.
Intent is literally an act of sex respect.   This means that when you know how to assert what you want you’re respecting yourself. Not of course you need to do that in the most socially acceptable sort of way…
“I need a raise.”
“I want more food.”
“I don’t want that car, I want this car.”

These can all be said in the right ways and the wrong ways.  However we can all agree that the only way we are going to learn this is by starting to do it.

Well guess what…the same goes for sex. When it comes to Sexual Intent it is also an act of Self-Respect.  You do it because it is your right as a man.  As a man you feel turned on, and you want show that to a woman.  And there is a right way and a wrong way to do that.  However, if you’re not showing your intent you’re not being honest with yourself and your expression. If you want to know some exercises that will help you build your muscles of intent that won’t offend anybody here are 3 things you can do everyday so that when you do want to start projecting intent you will know how to do it, and build a social intelligence with it.


1 – Start telling women you find them attractive.  You don’t need a dialog or anything like that.  Tell them, without expectation or desired result – “You’re attractive”, “You have a beautiful smile”, “You’re presence is intense”.  Do this as much as possible.  Why?  There is beauty in all women, you just need to find it.  Then when you do meet a girl that you like it is easy.  You will have your verbals down. 
2 – Start holding eye-contact with people.  Sex is a language that is spoken with looks and body language.  If you can hold eye contact, you can start speaking the language of sex much faster.  You might be saying one thing but the eyes another.  If you don’t know that language, don’t worry, hold eye contact with people you meet.  Hold eye contact when they are talking, and hold it when you’re talking.   If you can get this down, there is some high level stuff you can do with facial expressions and tonality. 
3 – Get close.  When you’re talking to people get right on the edge of what feels comfortable.  If you’re talking to someone in the daytime and 3 feet feels safe, get 2.7 feet away from her.  If you’re in a club get a little more close than normal.  Right on the edge of discomfort and comfort.  You will feel it.  The language of sex is spoken most with the bodies, get your body closer and you’ll awaken a natural urge.  


Think about this, if you spent a week focusing on 1) Telling women what makes them attractive, 2) using your eye contact 3) getting closer and mixing in some of the dialog above, you’d be an expression of sex.  


That all being said, there is a thorough breakdown of this all in the PDF today –  Killing the Friend Zone  – Download it for FREE and gt it sent to your email box NOW


And of course…

Shoot me an email with any suggestions

Be Social

Be Sexual

Live Life

Steve Mayeda

Steve MayedaBR0015 – Killing the Friend Zone

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