BR0039 – Sex & Distortion Part 2

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TSL Quick Guide – Seducing the Female Mind

Steve Mayeda

Steve MayedaBR0039 – Sex & Distortion Part 2

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  1. Parvati Shireen

    Wow Steve, Wow. Thanks so much for sharing so deeply about your past, and really sensitive topics too. This is the kind of stuff that really does connect with other people, because it’s vulnerable, and it shows that you’re strong enough to share hard stuff, and it makes us (women, and people in general) respect you even more. I mean, I wouldn’t use past trauma as a “pick up” scheme, but definitely good to get over our fears of sharing vulnerable stuff. I have things like this in my own life, and the more I share them, the easier it gets. Good for all of us to BE REAL. Thanks.

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