BR0100 – Storytelling for the Empowered Man PART 2

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As a man we need to know our story.  We need to have pride in who we are and how we have lived as a man.  In the Seduction Community we have learned about Storytelling as a technique to look good and get a result.  The problem with this is we don’t learn to get results with with who we are.  This is what has always distinguished The Sexual Life and BANG RADIO!  We only teach authenticity.  We teach men to live to be sexual men, without the shame of limiting themselves.  Limitation is not consent, limitation is not expression, limitation is not sex, rapport or connection.  We as men need to learn pride, but not through and archetype but through ourselves.
All the greatest qualities of humanity, masculinity and femininity come from authentic expression.  Not an image, not a line, and a result without you.  Inauthentic expression will not yield, integrity, empowerment or pride.  It won’t give you the meaning that you’re looking for.
All pain comes through stagnancy.   All pain comes from disconnect.  Your job as a man is to learn to connect with your whole life.
If we don’t learn to be honest, we are blocking a huge potential of what we were born to be.
Steve MayedaBR0100 – Storytelling for the Empowered Man PART 2

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