BR0020 – Eat the Pussy, Take the Pussy!

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This is about making women feel open free and express their sexuality.
From someone that isn’t sexual the idea of ‘Taking the Pussy’ may not sound like something that sounds too nice, but to someone that does have an active and healthy sex life it usually makes perfect sense.

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When it comes to sex and escalation we need to know the language of sex.  We need to know the difference between ‘no’ and ‘I’m uncomfortable’.  We need to know when to cultivate the pussy and taking the pussy.  

Every single person wants sex

They all want good sex

Their good sex is dependent upon them being able to express freely and fluidly in sex. 

Unfortunately there is a TON of fear and miscommunication about sex.  We need to know this and free up our sexual partners to be themselves.  When we do this, life is good. Sex is good and sex turns into this expression that will absolutely change you life. In fact your life will become amazing and beyond anything you could ever imagine.  

In this Episode of BANG RADIO!  We are talking about not only Sexually Escalating, but how you can express and connect Sexually.
Give it a listen!


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Steve MayedaBR0020 – Eat the Pussy, Take the Pussy!

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