BR0018 – Own Your Sex Drive

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The Article I mentioned by Jarod Oner Mentioned in the Audio  –  How to Deal with a Break-up

One of the Greatest Resources men can have is to express with one another.  At TSL this is how we have been teaching for 5 years.  We have build an international men’s group that unifies men on their core issues.  Sex, relationships, expression, health…it is limitless.

Unfortunately masculinity has become iconified and there’s a ton of misinformation about sex and masculinity.   A man’s life and his sex life can be confusing.  The number one thing we need is the ability to relate and connect honestly with one another.  If we get caught up in image, we lose everything.  The core of this is getting back to the driving forces inside of us, and no longer denying them.  This is where connecting and  communicating with other men openly and honestly is fundamental   When things happen life rejection or being overwhelmed with sex and disconnect we can confuse ourselves and get caught further and further in dysfunction.  When men can come together and experience together, some amazing stuff happens, but the main thing is it is the only way to have a good sex life.

Meeting women and having sex is easy, but being yourself and being a man of resect is hard, and that is what you need.  This is the benefit of uniting with men. 

Your Urges is Good

Sex is Good our Relationship to it and to ourselves is what can makes it bad

We can’t get in judgement about sex.  We cannot get caught up in thinking that our sex life and sexual urge are bad things. We have to be men.  We have to figure our how to comunicate that to the world so we do not live in our repression.  

Our masculinity should not be defined only by what culture and society say are good, but by what we say is good.  For instance –

  • We can have sex in society’s way, have a relationship get married be monogamous
  • We can have sex outside of society’s ideal, get hookers, fuck drunk chicks you name it

The sex is not bad, and the behavior may or may not be bad, but what makes it bad is your connection to it.  If you feel your sex life is dishonest or not an expression of you no matter what society says your sex life is, it will be bad. 

For me personally I have had a good sex life while, being monogamous and connected in ways society would say work.  But I have also been happy sexually while watching porn, having sex with many women and hiring prostitutes.  

The key is I found sexual health and satisfaction through myself and others and not in a specific way of life.  When you can be honest with yourself and express with others connecting with you, any urge or behavior can be good. 

You can’t judge yourself.  Expression needs to express through you. It is your job as a man to discover how to connect that…   

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PS – Tomorrow’s Episode is pretty badass!!!  Showing Intent through masculinity!

Steve MayedaBR0018 – Own Your Sex Drive

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