BR0017 – Living Your Sexual Fantasy

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Today we are going to show you how to connect to your wildest Sexual Fantasy.
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The last few days we have been talking about Intent.   The driving force within us that moves us through life.  Intent doesn’t just have to be sexual, however, sexual intent is usually repressed.  We need to not repress it!

Let’s start with some Foundational Concepts 

  • Your Sexuality Needs to Connect  
  • When it doesn’t connect it builds up tension (repression)
  • If we hold on to that tension is distorts
  • If we are afraid of that tension match our fears
  • Our sex will eventually break that tension to express
  • Most of our sex lives are built off of a reaction to our repression, rather than an expression

What You Urge Needs to Do to Be Fulfilled

  • We need to express sex.
  • We need to speak the language of sex
  • We need to know who we are and not try and define our reactions to sexual repression

How can we get into the action of sex – 

  1. You need your urge
  2. Other people
  3. Ability to connect

If you want a guide of daily actions to get to know and connect your urge check this out here BR 0016.  In this episode there is a FREE Download on Expressing Intent.

The goal here is to express your sexual intent.  When you can do that you can relax and you can relax and see who you really are.  Anytime when we are, obsessed, relying on compulsive behavior to express and control we are not an expression of ourselves.  We are reaction of something we feel we can’t express.  

For instance, I get a lot of emails and questions about Sexual Dysfunction or people feeling bad about their Sexual Fantasies.  The ultimate solution is they communicate and connect sexually with someone.  Depending on the specific issue, personality and lifestyle of the person, there are many directions to that.  

Today we are giving away a pretty cool worksheet –
Connecting your Wildest Fantasies and Living Them 



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Steve MayedaBR0017 – Living Your Sexual Fantasy

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