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Steve Mayeda Bang Radio Leave a Comment Presents – BANG RADIO 0016 – The Guide to Good Sex


The Best Sex of Your Life DOES NOT come from getting what you want, but learning to Love Women

This is the theme of this Episode of BANG RADIO!  And it is a good one.

Today’s BANG RADIO Give Away is TSL Quick Guide to Good Sex – Part 1 – Expressing Your Sex & Sexual Intent (For Men & Women)
This is a great PDF covers 6 Actions to do daily that will build the foundation for Good Sex.  They’re simple to do and pretty damn fun!


Our conversation starts today with Jim talking about the Root of ‘Approach Anxiety’  is how we objectifying women.   Now wanting women and wanting to have sex is a good thing.  Objectification isn’t a bad thing.  It is what you’re supposed to do.   But when you don’t act on that urge you’re building a poor outlook and mentality towards sex and yourself.   In fact you can see it as a form of ‘self-denial’.   Let’s look at it this way.

  • Our Sex Drive is Good  We are supposed to want sex, like sex and have the urge for sex.  So there is nothing wrong with wanting a woman, looking at her and seeing her body as something sexy and driving us towards sex.  Many men think this is a bad thing.  It is what makes you a man.
  • Our Sex Drive Needs to Express & Connect The key is we need to express and connect this.  When we let it be stagnant and just talk about it or live this from afar we most into a sexual distortion.  Sex was ment to be had, not thought about.  The closer we get with a woman the less we communicate with the things we see from afar.  If we can connect, express and exchange our sexuality we have taken our sexual urge an objectification and turned it into a good thing.
  • If It Doesn’t Connect it is Bad For Everyone If we haven’t connected it and exchanged it, it pisses us off, women and our idea of sex.  This is where objectification and a whole bunch of other stuff becomes bad.

Watch this Short Clip of the TSL Podcast In fact check out this clip of Maria, Erik Everhard (Porn Star & Producer) and I talk about this on the TSL Podcast (our other podcast).


As we say in the audio – “I have never had sex with a perfect women”.  I have had sex with many women that were supposed to be the perfect woman, but it never turned out that way.  I have had the perfect sexual experience. This is the key to it all.  We need to be connecting with women, with our urge and not our desperation. The real magic starts when the group really takes off on the topic.  

This is why TSL Online and having a men’s support system is so important, not only is there a need for it, but there is momentum in it.  We move from Social & Approach Anxiety into good sex and authentic expression.  Then to how looking for your particular type without sexual interactions actually limits you.  If you’re starving, desperation feeds you, not nourishment.  You crave your hunger to be fulfilled and not nourishment. This is how people treat their sex lives.  They starve themselves of what they need and think fulfilling themselves is going to be what their culture says.  In my opinion we have a very detached sexual culture.  However, whether the culture is in tune or not, anyone telling you how to live your sex life will result in you not learning to express yourself.


Today at BANG RADIO to accompany this audio we are going to give away something pretty cool – The TSL Quick Guide to Good Sex – Part 1 – Expressing Your Sex & Sexual Intent – Click the Button and have it Emailed Directly to You!

We often live in a state of repression and dishonesty with our natural sexual urge.   In fact the only way to be honest with our sexuality is to learn to express it and exchange it.  As long as it is stagnant or repressed we are living in a state of self-denial. Of course we can take breaks here and there to sort through some stuff, but the normal sexual state is to be active, not inactive.

If you’re looking for more information on managing Social Anxiety and Approach Anxiety check out this BANG RADIO Episode that also has a free download on Social Anxiety. It is Super Helpful if that is what you’re looking for. Thank you all so much for your support.

BANG RADIO is averaging 2000 Downloads a Week, and we are just over 2 weeks old!!!! It has proven to be one of the best outlets to spread the word about being a good man, while being a sexual man!

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Steve MayedaBR0016 – The Guide to Good Sex

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