#MeToo Finding Peace NOT Blame | TSL Podcast 201

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Recorded on – Jan 21, 2017
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#MeToo and Other Movements & Causes like the Red Pill, MGTOW, Feminism and MRA philosophies are stuck in a war. All are tools for empowerment of the sexes and fighting some form of sexism yet they empower only by degrading power. Rather than focusing on themselves or the solution they focus on blame. Things like the Aziz Ansari debacle all the way to Harvey Weinstein are symptoms of a world that is confused about sex. This all started because Nick Sparks (21 Convention) started training BJJ at 10th Planet JJ Austin (10PATX).

Steve Mayeda (21 Convention & TSL Podcast) is a men’s coach in Austin Texas, specializing in Dating, Relationships and Addiction.

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Steve Mayeda#MeToo Finding Peace NOT Blame | TSL Podcast 201

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