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Recorded on – Nov 17, 2016
on a MD Excellence Call

This last few weeks have been tough on me personally. In those weeks I turned to the group I built to support me. This is something coaches do not do. I hate that about the coaching industry. However, to me this is the biggest proof of what I have done, built and nurtured for the past 10 plus ears works.
I have 2 groups – TSL (The Sexual Life) and AMD (Austin Men’s Development). They are extremely established men’s groups that cover the gamut of all men’s issues. We handle those issues in a community setting. There is no hierarchy. There is not ranking. There might be certain roles people fulfill but this does not give more value to another member than the other. Our only value is how can we be a better man today.
I have lived this with many mistakes throughout the years. For the past 5 years my life has had the normal ups and downs but nothing too serious. A few weeks ago something serious happened and I needed the group.
I am proud to say I am a member of these groups. I hope you are too!


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Steve MayedaPROUD TO BE AMD | Daily Awesome 67

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