BR0021 – What Women Hate is What Women Want

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What Women Hate is What Women Love
Today’s Episode of BANGRADIO covers a lot of stuff…
What happens when a girl is a little crazy?  Are we the ‘Nice Guy’ or are we the ‘Bad Boy’.   As always, we discuss.

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Steve Mayeda

Steve MayedaBR0021 – What Women Hate is What Women Want

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  1. Parvati Shireen

    Great podcast! It’s true, women (and men too!) who are chronic complainers are demonstrating a lack of maturity, a lack of self-awareness. She definitely has to do her personal work. Don’t take it personally, just get the heck out!

    I have an experience with a hot, sexy man who I felt so much love for, and had incredible sexual connection with, but he was always complaining and playing the victim…it was his parent’s fault, the lawyer’s fault, the government’s fault… bleah! No sense of personal responsibility! So, guess what, the deep emotional connection that I was craving was never there. Getting out of that relationship was painful, but so definitely for the best. I did my own inner work to make sure I would attract higher quality men…and I am! And it’s hot!

    Thanks for sharing this info on such a gut level. Many people speak about stuff like this from New Age and spiritual perspectives (Law of Attraction, etc), but it’s nice to have it laid out on a core level too, so everybody can get in on the wisdom, from wherever they’re coming from 🙂

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