BR Interview w/ Ross Jeffries Part 2

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Exclusive Interview with Ross Jeffries Part 2

In this one we get really, really deep!

  • Ross’ Perspectives on his Love Life
  • Importance of Authenticity and Connection
  • MORE Meditation
  • The Story of his Heart Attack (Aspirin?)
  • Persuasion Systems Mastery
  • Comedy (Ross’ new hobby – Stand-up)
  • His Personal Journey in Seduction

What is even more interesting is how it all happened.

This Friday, Ross Jeffries was in Austin and called me to meet up, and catch up.  Ross and I have known each other for a few years and been friends.  A few hours later Ross shows up at my door.  Maria had gotten us some Thai Food, and we ate.  Immediately I noticed Ross was different.   Different than I had ever seen him.  He was peaceful, calm and full of love and compassion.  Not to say he wasn’t before, but there was always that side of Ross he’s known for that is confronting, loud and stirring things up.

There was no gossip, no shit talking, only compassion and understanding.  Ross saw some of my BANG RADIO setup and he said, ‘let’s record something .    I didn’t have my audio set up for 2 mics so we had to improvise.  We just plopped out a microphone and started recording in the kitchen….yeah I know a lot of noise…Dogs drinking, people walking around and babies cooing.  But I will tell you this, this is a side of Ross Jeffries you have never heard before.

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Steve MayedaBR Interview w/ Ross Jeffries Part 2

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