Starting a Conversation | Men’s Development Tutorial

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Men’s Development Members Call Conversational Tutorial 001

Intro & Outline – 0:00:00 – 0:01:58

0:01:59 – What we are covering and where to find it on the Membership Site

0:04:20 – Instant Connection Concepts You Need to Know
1. All People Want a Social Connection
2. All People Want Good Sex

0:12:20 – Why You Get Rejected (Socially & Sexually)
It is not what you think it is

0:16:00 – Structuring the Conversation
Technical Map of Achieving Rapport & Connection through Normal Conversation

0:23:58 – How to Customize this Structure to You

0:35:42 – Your Goal & Assignment for all of This

0:36:25 – How We Came up With This Structure of Conversation & Social Dynamics

If you want a group of men that are focused on Ideal Health, Sound Mind & and Excellent Social and Sexual Life you’re in the right place.
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Steve MayedaStarting a Conversation | Men’s Development Tutorial

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