STDs | How to Have a Good Sex Life if You Have One | TSL Podcast 195

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Today Steve Mayeda is talking about STDs, men do not talk about them and if we get one, we definitely don’t know how to talk about herpes, HPV, gonorrhea, chlamydia or HIV and AIDS. We hear, be honest and wear a condom, but nothing much beyond that. Definitely not specifically how to bring it up, what people will say when you bring it up and how to have a good sex life, minimizing risk of passing it and minimizing the risk to not get any more.
This is EXACTLY what we talk about in this podcast. What you’re going to think. How to not shame yourself, how to answer the pressing questions and what those questions will be, and how to have good sex while having an STD.

Steve Mayeda is a Men’s Coach in Austin TX, focused on sex, dating, relationships and addiction.

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Steve MayedaSTDs | How to Have a Good Sex Life if You Have One | TSL Podcast 195

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