The Pride in Masculinity Ep 140

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This was a reply to question that was asked on a TSL Online Call in Early Dec.
The Question was –

“Where do you stand with all the Men’s Right’s stuff?”

I had been thinking about this a lot in the past few months. There’s a lot of anger out there in the ‘manosphere’. It is terrible. It has all the qualities of any extremist movement. However there is a reason for it. There has been a pride lost in masculinity that no longer is allowed for. Much like any sort of point of change we look for a way to ‘regulate’ masculinity. We hear versions of masculinity from feminism all the way to men’s right’s groups; however, we so rarely hear a version of masculinity coming from the individual.

I wanted this to be the first podcast back on the loop because it is a voicing about masculinity we hear has so much anger and ‘justification’ behind it. When we are always fighting to be ourselves, we cannot be ourselves. Maybe we should just focus on being men first.

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Steve MayedaThe Pride in Masculinity Ep 140

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