BR0019 – Show Your Dick to the World

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A Good Sex Life is Dependent on Your Ability to Show Yourself!
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Show Your Dick to the World –  Show your dick, show your passion, show who you are without holding back.   The art is learning to do this and how to communicate it to the world. You as a man Pull the Trigger of your Inner Being, Sex Drive and Purpose.  The result may be some bumps along the way, but you will have the strength, character and foundation of a man alive – A Man of Authenticity, A Man Defined by You!

When you’re a strong person that can be yourself you have the ultimate life resource that will allow you to change the entire world by changing the world around you.   This all comes down to you being able to show yourself and true to you, as you can be.  Intent is what makes things happen. Your urge, your sex, and your drive provides worth in your life.   In order to do this you need –

  • Self-awareness – You need to know who you are = Authenticity 
  • Intent – A direction and a drive of self-assertion = Intent 

When you know yourself, then you can be Authentic.   It is fundamental for your happiness in life, that you study and explore yourself and show it to the world.  Show your dick, show your passions, show who you are and allow the feedback you get to be the foundation of your pride, self-assurance and self-worth.  Anyone I meet that doesn’t have confidence, doesn’t know themselves, nor can they assert themselves.

Here’s the promise 

If you are willing to show you, show who you are, what you feel and what you want and can be honest what will happen is a whole lot of failure and some results, but you will learn to be a strong man.  You will develop the character that allows you to be the man that has a great life, with women, life and total success. 


You need to speak with your Intent and Make it Personal
You need to make it about you and present it to the world in front of you.  In this audio we are breaking down a quick Rapport Cycle on passions.
The key here is when we can show yourself full-fledged and have them know it, then elicit how they relate with it.

Here’s the Social Dynamic 

Assert Yourself > Show Yourself > Ask them to Elicit Themselves 

We will do this by 

Question > Ground > Challenge Structure

What are you passionate about?

Ground (Your expression and definition)
I have always been someone that was full of passion to the point where it is all I could feel at times.  I couldn’t work, I couldn’t concentrate…I could do nothing but give myself to my passions.  Sometimes that was love, other times it was art or music.  I want to know…

Have you ever felt in that way?

This may sounds very intense and almost too much to bring up to a stranger.   I personally do it all the time, however, I have a ton of experience.  I am not saying to do this because it ‘works’ as a social dynamic, I am saying to do this because it is an expression of you (or me in this case).  My point is that you need to show you.   You need to start showing you in a way that is raw and uninhibited.   You can build a skill in it as well, but for now, I will say start doing it.  Start showing you and seeing what people say.

If you take this road you will not be disappointed, in fact it is the only road of fulfillment.  If you don’t think it will work there are already tons of BANG RADIO! Episodes that will show you how to smooth out the conversations – “You are a Beautiful Sex Machine”“How to Feel a Woman’s Tits in 5mins or Less” and “How to Pick Up Chicks in a Parking Lot” are some good starts.  Each of those has a complete dialoge breakdown in the article.

All those techniques and breakdowns are meaningless without you knowing yourself, and showing yourself.  DO IT!

Download today’s Quick Guide PDF – 4 Steps to Sexual Escalation It gives you the Model and 3 Scenario Templates to Escalate Fast, Natural and to Have Good Sex!

Let’s live the Social Dynamic to be the Better Man!

Steve Mayeda

Steve MayedaBR0019 – Show Your Dick to the World

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  1. Parvati Shireen

    Wow, that is beautiful, that you opened yourself to be vulnerable enough to admit “I might like you too much.” Of course that’s going to open a woman’s floodgates! Women are BUILT to love and be loving, so if you admit that you are feeling some kind of love, she will want your love, all of you, physically, emotionally, spiritually, everything you can give. The more you can give to her, the more she will open to take it all in!! For women, any demonstration of your true masculine love is our nourishment, so we want it, we BEG for it!!

    Caveat: when you are potent enough to open a woman’s heart, know that it is real for her… don’t back away. Be brave. A man who open’s a woman’s heart, but is then not available to truly love her, is a coward. A woman’s heart is a furious beast, so if you’re going to go there, make sure you are willing to go there all the way. Sex is a portal to some potent alchemy.


    1. Post
      Steve Mayeda

      Hahaha, thanks
      That chick ending up dumping me!!!
      And man, in the past 8 years there have been many women and she was one of 2 that cut me off.
      Oh well, I will say, a few months later I met my woman.

      We can talk more about the sex portal stuff…I got my ideas on that too. Thanks for the listen.

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