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BANG RADIO is introducing Parvati Shireen, a blogger about sex love and all of her misadventures in the City of Angels.
I first started reading Parvati’s blog a few weeks ago when a friend of mine (Sirus Alchemy) shared her article “Fucking & Love” on facebook.  I re-shared it ant the rest was history.  A bunch of guys from TSL and facebook followers commented and posted about it.  I then left a comment on her blog to potentially interview her.

That’s how this came about.  Craziness!

Here’s what is even more crazy, not only is her blog great, but it also has the perfect voicing of a woman.  In fact it is so good I literally took notes while editing the audio from this podcast.  I wrote down a list of things Parvati talks about and either directly says, or I write down the overall thought.   From that list I wrote a 4000 word TSL Quick Guide on how to use a woman’s words, mentality and mind to –

  • Open
  • Build Rapport
  • Get a Date
  • Get Sexual

The result is this week’s FREE Download!!!

TSL Quick Guide – Seducing the Female Mind


Also here is the list I wrote that was the foundation for the female mind.  If you listent to the interview you will hear all this stuff .  It was so pure and genius, you guys should use this to describe and connect with women.

  • ‘I Started online dating not to write a book or start a blog, I started it to have a relationship.’
  • The places that I am going inside myself, the emotional self, the sexual self felt alone and I had to get it out.
  • I felt like this rare creature that felt things like these crazy sexual thoughts that people would completely freak out on.
  • One of the biggest reliefs to being a women is being able to be a sexual woman.
  • One of the biggest problems with sex today is, when a woman like sex, men think that she will have sex with everybody.  They don’t realize that a sexual woman usually is more intuitive than others.
  • All women are sexual few are sluts.
  • Every woman has a level of repression in her.  Her ambitions, her direction in life and her sexuality.  That is not an insult, it is because how men view them.
  • For women in their 30’s you could say, you’re in your sexual prime.  It is when your mentality and emotions move into an orchestration of sex
  • For a woman in her late 20’s you could say, you’re done playing and you know what you want, you’re finally in the mode where you get what you want.
  • For a woman in her early 20’s you can say, You’re playing right now.  The best thing you can do is just be yourself and do your thing.  But when a man knows what to do with you it is the hottest thing you can see.  In fact, the worst part about you right now, is you know you’re hot and everyone wants you but you need to learn to choose the right kind of man.  The young guys, don’t have enough experience, and it is always hard to find the assholes, from the good guys.
  • The last thing a woman needs is a man to not know what she is feeling.  I bet you think that men need to have an intuitive sense about what a woman needs.
  • There’s a difference with being a dominate man, and an asshole, braggadocios man and a egotistical man.  But that dominance of masculinity that can make you feel like a free woman is what makes you turned on, because it brings out the best side of you.
  • When men play the part and you can tell it is an act, it is one of the biggest turn offs.  It is a let down that hits at the sexual level
  • When a man’s masculine structure and presence can make a woman feel safe, because one of your biggest fears is to have sex with someone and you be too much for them.  You want a man that you can be too much with and it won’t be enough for him.
  • What does it take for a man to make you feel comfortable naked, and not just physically naked, but naked with your sexuality.
  • The worst thing in the world is when you like someone and they don’t know it, it is like your femininity isn’t working.  When was the last time you were on a date with a guy for the first time, and at that moment you knew you liked him, he knew what to do?   He did all the right things.
  • Women love to be told they’re beautiful, but men don’t know how to say it.
  • Women are built for beauty.  It is part of the reason of your existence, to be this beautiful goddess.  The problem is men see half the beauty.  Every woman has her entire beauty, sex, making love, her allure, but men only see the sex.  They don’t realize women have more than one sex.  A woman’s entire sexual experience is far beyond when men hit on you with.
  • Men have this structure and women have this abstraction to play in.  The greatest gift a man can give a women is her playground to be a woman.
  • A woman’s sexuality has nurturing, loving the loves the secret intimate sides of a man.  But her sexuality is also the beast that can take the full expression of a man’s sexuality.
  • You know what you like…you like dominance, with sensitivity.
  • Bad sex or those people that are the dougebag players or really promiscuous women, are all just lonely people that are really good at covering it up.  If people haven’t done a lot of self-work they’re image, everything that is great about them, their beauty is all just serving a void.  It is sad people have sex life’s based off of that.


Talk soon


Steve Mayeda

Steve MayedaBR Interview Parvati Shireen Part 1

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